wooden decor inspiration

Recently i have been fascinated by some of the wood art out there. Reclaiming wood is the most exciting weekend project anyone can do, especially for a handy guy like me. I went to YouTube to get some inspiration; and oh my!

Wood is friendly to work with. Its flexible, you can curve it, break it, cut it… that’s why its such a beautiful material to make art with. And if you are reclaiming it, doesn’t matter on shape and size you get. All that matters is what you will do with it.

Ideas run deep with wood. You can make simple items to add a rustic finish to your home.

Adding some lanterns even gives that vintage look, especially in the living room.

Some ideas go wide and large, adding wood as wall hangings and replacing paintings. I love this idea ‘coz it seeks attentions, and a good wood art will get one against a plain bright wall.

And my favourite…

How awesome is that!

I will create a playlist on YouTube and share with you some awesome guys curving wood to its ultimate glory. In the mean time, subscribe to our very new YouTube Channel.

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