Wood Signs Decor For Your Beautiful Home

Here is how we did our first real wood DIY, and it was awesome!

Having done a few DIY and learning a few lessons, I decided to do some wood decor, especially the ones you have seen me do recently. Working with wood is great, especially in coming up with this creative art. It’s a unique blend of creativity, hard work and meaningful design that paid off greatly. I really love this piece because its unique and even if you don’t like art, the words really speak a lot.

Wood Sign

Placing it in your space is a whole different story. I really see this wood sign doing well in minimalist space, or on other decor like we did here. You could also have it in your kitchen counter or wall, or in your bedroom to remind you that life is beautiful even in these trying times.


Wood Sign

This is another journey of our design lives, and i see a great future ahead. If you have some ideas, feel free to respond and comment, or you could always share with friends and family, because life is beautiful.

You can get this decor for your home here.

Love, Delik Home.