unique love

It’s the season of love, and you know what that means: some wallets get drained. Well, for the guy at least. It’s very easy to get carried away by the things you ‘need’ to get for your loved one.

Everyone has his/her own unique sense of creativity in them, and we are here to give you options.

One inexpensive way you can make this valentine’s different is to show your unique creativity by getting something out of the ordinary, like this decorated bottle.

This unique piece of inexpensive art can be a great center piece pleaser during that dinner you will now set up.

You can also make it as a gift by throwing in a few chocolate candy, small flowers 💐 in a small wooden crate (like the one on the side), and hiding something like a bracelet or a watch in the package to make it adventurous.
And for those who are proposing, a ring maybe?! No need for a ring box.

If you are adding it to your home, a nice vase or photo frames could go well with this deco bottle on a shelf.

Be creative this season. Like, share, recommend or comment on what you think.

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