Simple ideas on bathroom storage space for your utilities 🛀

Bathrooms can prove quit difficult to decorate considering if you have limited space. The good thing about decorating the bathroom is that less is more. Either way, a clean bathroom is more than simple enough, but what’s the fun in a plain clean space? Here are some budget-friendly ways to bring this small (or big) room to fit your lifestyle.

Wooden Crates

Recycled wooden crates can act as good storage in your bathroom. Paint them to your desired color and stack them up together. You could even match the colors with your towels or floor, if it’s colored.

Storage Ladder

Who thought you can use a ladder for storage? This is a completely doable weekend project. Spice up the look by adding some decorations on it and placing storage baskets. Towels and soaps could find space here too, and if you have the 2-in-1 kind of bathroom, adding toiletries can prove efficient enough.

Storage Baskets

With the storage baskets you can kneatly arrange your towels in there. Place the baskets in a bathroom vanity or be creative by hanging them on the wall.

Dresser Bathroom Vanity

Turning a recycled dressor into a bathroom dresser can be an great DIY project. Choose a dressor that you do not mind cutting at the top for the sink. The drawers can act perfectly for storage purposes.

Of course you cannot exhausted these ideas, but do leave a comment and don’t forget to share with your friends. 

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